Cover Letter

“The money you save is the money you earn”, the most famous quote which has been passed down the generations, has been received and followed with utmost respect. But, does the current economic situation allow us to back on just the savings? With rising fuel cost, rise in employment cost, value of money falling down, raw material cost souring up due to inflation etc, have left many of the mighty industries to look into its financials and minimize its cost, in order to meet their stakeholder’s expectations. It’s not only the cost minimization which is going to answer the crucial question but, it’s the intelligent, systematic investments which come to the rescue; in order to realise the objective an entity has to look into various financial instruments as a means to sustain and to grow the intrinsic value of money.

Finance plays a vital role in determining the longevity of any entity; Inspired by the power of Financial Systems. I Bharath Nanda Kumar graduate of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science and Engineering stream, backing three years of work experience in IT industry, by working with NIIT Technology and executing two of BFSI project, took a time off from work in order to understand the holistic offerings of Finance industry; so, currently I am pursuing my MBA from IIPM, Bangalore in Finance and International Marketing stream.

Right information at the right time and the right decision taken up based on the information will steer the companies to new horizons. So, I am looking forward for a challenging role as an Analyst / Strategist to be sensitive to the real time information processing and to formulate new strategies to adapt to the circumstances. Having done few of the projects like Business Plan formulation, Analysis of Option Derivatives of the companies, Analysis of companies,  to name a few has given me an academic knowledge as well as experience of how financial strategist make use of valuable information to formulate the new strategies. Apart from academic knowledge one of my previous BFSI projects which I had executed when I was employed by NIIT Technologies was FSA, UK project which has given me live experience of how data crunching in real time is done, in order to get information out of the data. With all these experiences I am eager to learn, to be a team player and execute the challenging responsibilities which the organization is going to assign it to me.