A brief on Design Thinking

Design Thinking: What is Design Thinking? How is it different than what I am doing now? Is it alternative to Agile? What are the available tools and techniques?If you are facing these queries, this article is for you😊 Please carry on reading…

Be rest assured, Design Thinking is no different than what you have been doing till date, as a Business Analyst.

Design Thinking is an approach to refine the thought process and to apply a more structured approach to define and solve an END USERs problem.It is an end user centric approach, an approach to empathize and enrich the user experience. Where the proposed solution to resolve a problem is at the equilibrium statei.e.the Cost to implement is optimal, User Preference is guaranteed to the utmost state and Technology adopted to solve is reliable and scalable.

Imagine an oversized truck stuck under a bridge. How would you attempt freeing it? Multiple solutions are available; Some of the approaches can be: To dismantle the parts and reassemble, To demolish and rebuild the bridge, To push-and-pull truck in different directions etc. The approaches to resolve the issue is only limited to one’s imagination. If you keenly observe in the above approaches, either one or the several factors (Cost, User Experience/Preference, Technology) are not in coherence. One of the best solution to this problem can be just to deflate the truck tyres and free, in this case you will notice that the factors are in equilibrium (Cost impact is less, User is at ease, Technique/Technology is amicable). This is Design Thinking!

Series of steps are prescribed in the Design Thinking approach viz:

  1. Empathize:understand the challenge faced by a user.
  2. Define:Articulate and define the right problem statement.
  3. Ideate: Define potential solution to resolve the problem.
  4. Prototype: Design and represent the identified solution using prototype.
  5. Test:Test and validate the approaches.

There are various tools and techniques that can be adopted at various stages to name a few: Focused Group Interviewing, Double Diamond, Crazy Eight, 5WH Questionnaire, Exploration Map, Customer Journey Mapping etc.

Finally, all you must know is! The Design Thinking is an approach to build a correct / right product and Agile Methodology helps in building a product in a right way.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

– Author: Bharath Nanda Kumar, Senior Consultant.

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