Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwara!

Gurur Sakshath Param Brahma Thasmai Shri Guravae Namaha!!

The acquired knowledge is never a knowledge unless and until it is acquired from a Guru(Teacher). Learning is always a religious and sacred task, during ones life a person acquires knowledge from the environment surrounding him, in which Guru plays a predominant role in moulding an individual.

Let me start my new venture of writing technical blogs by conveying my salutations to all my Guru’s. I would like to convey my special gratitude to:

First and foremost, A.M.Padma Reddy, he is the person who thought me that writing programs is not merely a bread and butter, but, an elegant art by itself.

The strength of a building is gauged by it’s foundation, I would like to thank my Guru’s Heamanth and Manjunath who have laid the foundation of C, C++ language in me, which has put in a confidence in me to build skyscrapers, but, sky is not the limit.

One has to be really blessed to find a person who is more than a guru, in fact, the such Guru’s have to be worshipped as we worship our parents.

I am the blessed one to get the shade from my inspirational Guru, Dr.O.G.Pallana, (H.O.D of Chemistry, RNSIT). He is the true motivator and backbone of all my dreams. I remember my final semester project “Jala Rakshak”, the way it took its mould was incredibly beautiful. The baby was the blessed to be cared by Pallana sir. Words fall short to express my regards and convey my respect. Sir, I bow down to your feet.

Once out of college life, the person is no longer a student, huh! Really? A person is a student even on his death bed.

At the work place, it’s really hard to find a Guru. At the work place, there is no person who allows you to be creative, to do the work you like. Once at the work, forget learning something new, you are no longer a student. At the work place, people around you don’t like you growing. Stop it! I disagree with it. Don’t know whether it’s my fortune or it’s the people around me at my work place who make the difference.

I am sincerely thankful and convey my salutations to Udayan Banerjee; I would say, am the blessed one to know him and to be guided by him. Who on the earth will say, “Forget everything, just do what your heart says!”, isn’t it the best and the shortest inspirational seed which one can sow in you. Sir, am really thankful for guiding me and being a messenger to show me my way. I would say, am lucky to be guided by him.

Any metal is worthless, until it is moulded. I respect and I am thankful to Kanaklata Narayanan, my Guru at work place, I have heard a lot of stories about painful managers, but, am lucky to find a person who is just not a manager, but a contradicting manager for all the stories I have heard. She is a Guru too. She is the one who have sowed an attitude “I Can” in me. I was wondering, “complex work! Ya, why not! But, why the stipulated time?” now, I understand it was not easy for her to sow the seed of “I Can” without all those efforts.

Dr.Palana sir, Udayan sir and Lata mam! Thanks a million ton, for everything I have received.

Lot to write, specially about my sweet work place. If I do so, it will no longer be a technical blog. Let me keep it short for now, to know more about my passion, my attitude, do feel free to bug me.

Inspired by my another family, “Technology Innovation Centre” in “NIIT Technologies, Bangalore”.

Blog driven by the motto, “Language Independent and Platform Independent”.

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